Product Summary

The K685 is an n-channel mos silicon FET. The K685 has high-voltage high-speed switching applications.


K685 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Drain to source voltage VDSS: 1000 V; (2)Gate to source voltage VGSS: ±20 V; (3)Drain current ID: 5 A; (4)Drain peak current ID(pulse): 15 A; (5)Body to drain diode reverse drain current IDR: 5 A; (6)Channel dissipation Pch: 100 W; (7)Channel temperature Tch: 150 ℃; (8)Storage temperature Tstg: –55 to +150 ℃.


K685 features: (1)Low on-resistance; (2)High speed switching; (3)Low drive current; (4)No secondary breakdown; (5)Suitable for switching regulator and DC-DC converter.


K685 pin connection